Providing Outstanding Car Detailing Solutions

 One of our goals at Klean Kar is to provide services with satisfactory results to our customers. With this in mind, our knowledgeable team makes sure that our customers receive the best experience they can have when working with us.


Auto Detailing Services

 Our team provides auto detailing services for various vehicles with competitive pricing. If you have a 2-door or 4-door car, we can detail it starting at $95.00. Small SUVs are at $125.00 while the midsized ones start at $150.00. We can provide our services at full-size SUVs, one-ton truck, and vans with a price that starts at $175.00. 


Paint Protection

 We can install a clear film that can cover your front bumper, hood, mirrors, fenders, door handles, or door edges. All paint protection can be done individually or as packages. 


Self-Service Car Wash and Vacuum

 If you only need to clean your vehicle, we have you covered! Our self-service car wash starts at $1.00. You can also use our self-service vacuum for only $0.75. 


Other Services

We offer a wide range of car repair services, such as chassis coating, window tinting, windshield replacement, dent repair, headlight restoration, and more. Contact us for a quote. 


- Under Frame Under Body Coating

- Window Tinting

- Windshield Replacement

- Windshield Chip Repair

- Paintless Dent Repair

- Headlight Restoration ($50 per pair)

- Headlight Restoration

- Bulbs, Batteries & Wiper Blade Replacement

- Paint Protection

Clear film that covers front bumper, hood, mirrors, fenders, door handles, door edges & rock guards behind wheels.  All paint protection can be done individually or as packages.