Window Tint & Paint Protection






Klean car uses 3M FX Premium window film with a lifetime warranty against uneven fading, bubbling, and peeling. Warranty does not cover scratches, nicks and bubbling due to door/window defects.

Pricing is based on vehicle and number of windows being tinted.
Standard tint darkness is 20% or 30%.


Paint protection is a clear film applied to cover the front bumper, hood, mirrors, fenders, door handles, door edges and rock guards behind the wheels.  Paint protection can be done in individual areas of your car or as a package with multiple areas.
Price based on vehicle and areas treated.

Tint Prices:

2 & 4 door cars $195.00
Roll ups only $80.00
Regular cab pickup $175.00
Ext & crew cab pickup $195.00
SUV complete $225.00
Tint strip $35.00
Strip roll ups $15.00
Strip back glass $75.00
Add $40.00 for 5% or 15% tint
Old Vettes $300.00
VW Bugs $400.00

Paint Protection Prices:

Hood & Fenders $325.00
(add $55 for mirrors)
Hood only $195.00
Splash Kit $135.00
Handles/Edges $135.00
Mirrors only $95.00

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